Creating Resilience, Motivation and Performance

How would it feel if every person on your team was still smiling at the end of the day?

Many Contact Centre Team Leaders, feel that they are under pressure to deliver, innovate and maintain consistency. As pressure grows due to seasonal fluctuations and spikes teams can begin to suffer from illness and absenteeism. At the end of each day a disgruntled team leave the office. At the beginning of the day a tired, deflated and exhausted team head for the queues for strong coffee.

How would it feel if to tick off all of your KPIs every month…and still have a healthy, happy team?

Contact centers are some of the most measured and monitored forms of modern business. The challenge is to make them people centered. Many companies talk the talk but few actually walk the walk and create People Centrered Teams. Where people feel valued and have the skills and techniques for positivity and wellbeing the numbers soon add up.

Is it possible to work in a pressurised environment without getting stressed?

Seasonal adjustments can create huge shifts in pressure and stress. When teams are given deep insight into their authentic gifts they become more confident. Teams that have the skills and know-how for maintaining positivity, calmness and energy levels throughout the day have increased loyalty and are less inclined to get sick.

Want to learn the secrets of healthy, happy teams?

Working for Wholeness programmes deliver ground-breaking, highly flexible, training modules that literally give teams the skills for life. Techniques for resilience impact on the business and home life. Healthy, happy teams project positivity outwards to customers and lift the whole brand.

Call Centre Calm

Want a consistently positive, resilient, motiviated and balanced workforce?

Many team leaders have the ability to identify problems and challenges that threaten the stability and performance levels of their teams but lack the skills to transform them into win-win situations.

The Working for Wholeness programmes bring harmony into the workplace and the home. They create a greater sense of self-worth. Each new skill and technique learned strengthens abilities to contribute and remain constant. The programmes foster teamwork and build a stronger sense of community.

This means that managers get an easier life, more motivated teams delivering increased performance under pressure.