Programmes to Suit Your Business

How would it feel if you could easily arrange a powerfully transformative programme for you and your team?

All Working for Wholeness Programmes are unique and created bespoke for every client. We work to create empowered and highly skilled people who can experience continuity and consistency in work and life.

How would it feel if your business could continue to grow and flourish long after the trainers have left?

Working for Wholeness delivers legacy programmes that provide qualified individuals who can then become leaders for Wellbeing an Wholeness programmes within your organisation. We don’t just ‘blow in, blow up and then blow out’. We provide a foundation for long lasting change and growth.

Programme Suggestions

One to Many

We provide a ration of a maximum of One Trainer to Ten clients. This is easily scaleable and we often lead programmes of upwards of Four to Forty individuals per day.

High Flyers

We provide intensive master classes for the boardroom, leadership teams and for key individuals.

Face to Face

We provide One to One training for those who wish to accelerate their learning and skills-base to increase their potential and maximise their resilience and performance levels.

Stress Busters

We provide bespoke courses to fit into any wellbeing programme to combat absenteeism, burn-out, high levels of churn and to increase performance.


Many of our most successful programmes of workshops deliver an initial full day and then, after not less than one month a second half day to fully embed many of the skills that have been learned.


Bluebell Blair 72

Working for Wholeness programmes can be delivered within your office environment and many clients prefer to move off-site to a location that provides the conditions for a change of scenery.

We can source and manage locations from our extensive database to suit you, your budget and  organisation.