Media Training

Media Training

Techniques of Mindful Media Messaging

Mindfulness techniques can radically transform your presentation.

The modern business world demands that brands and businesses exploit the proliferation of terrestrial, satellite and cable and on-line media platforms to connect with their market audiences.

Progressive companies use online platforms to personalize their products and offerings as well as actively engaging with the old forms of media such as TV, Newspapers and business press.

Now every manager or company head is expected to be able to confidently and powerfully represent their company on a host of different video platforms.

No longer is it just the occasional speaking engagement at a function, dinner or launch. We are expected to be able to deliver Oscar winning performances to a host of social media and on-line feeds and publications. Comm’s teams are now desperate for their great and good to get media trained.

Working with companies such as British Gas, Standard Life, Bank of Scotland, JP Morgan. Aegon and many FTSE 100 companies, we have perfected our Techniques of Mindful Media Messaging


Techniques of Mindful Media Messaging Courses

Our half or full day courses work to deliver:

  • Confident and Competent Speakers
  • Powerful Positive Presentation skills
  • Techniques of Authentic Delivery
  • How to be Calm in moments of Crisis

We cover issues such as:

  • Dealing with nerves
  • Finding our authentic character
  • Finding our performance levels
  • Perfecting our performance states
  • Body language skills
  • Vocal skills

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