Techniques for Mindfulness

Mindfulness 2

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could choose to become more aware of your thoughts and mental processes which would allow you to choose how you respond to them, rather than being on autopilot?

We can all share experiences of when we reacted negatively to something at work or home and then regretted it afterwards.

Maybe we reacted with anger, sarcasm, negativity or were sharp and critical or entered the classic command and control default position and barked orders.

Starting with our breath we can quickly learn to adjust our mind’s bodies and emotions to bring positivity and harmony to all of our situations.

Mindfulness brings us into the present, which releases a huge amount of energy that is usually spent running anxieties about the past or future.

At work this brings us the ability to radically increase our performance levels whilst reducing our stress levels.

At home we bring pleasure to those we love with the ability to be kind, caring, supportive and compassionate and truly present.