Seth Gardner Director: Working for Wholeness

Seth Gardner Director: Working for Wholeness

Seth Gardner: Director of Working for Wholeness

For over 15 years Seth has been instrumental in creating high impact, long lasting and sustainable change on a micro and macro level. Seth utilises the latest in scientific investigation to perfect techniques that create Legacy Programmes for sustained business growth and development.

Seth also delivers a range of personal and corporate Presentation Skills programmes tailored for CEOs, top level politicians and public speakers. Seth works with, and alongside, numerous charitable institutions and delivers powerful developmental training for young people.

Seth is also a BAFTA and multiple award winning film and documentary maker with many BBC and international credits whose video The Power of Words has now been seen by over 17 million people. Read more about Seth


Dr Damian Woods Advising Clinical Psychologist

Dr Damian Woods, Dclin.psychol. MAoxon

Dr Damian Woods is the Advising Technical Psychologist for Working for Wholeness.

His input, advice and support has been vital in insuring that all aspects of the Working for Wholeness programmes are grounded in best possible psychological practices.

Damian studied Psychology and Philosophy at Oxford University and gained a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Leeds.

He is an advocate of positive psychology and mindfulness practices and the contribution they can make toward improving personal wellbeing.

Damian is also one of the Master Practitioner Trainers for the Working for Wholeness Master Practitioner Certification Course.


Andrea Gardner - Master Practitioner - Working for Wholeness

Andrea Gardner – Master Practitioner – Working for Wholeness

Andrea Gardner, Author of ‘Change Your Words Change Your World’, Reiki Master and Louise Hay practitioner is a Master Practitioner for Working for Wholeness.

Andrea is an international speaker who has been involved with the creation and delivery of Working for Wholeness since it’s conception.

Andrea heads the International Team and assists in the production of all written materials.


Working for Wholeness
Martha Leishman Master Practitioner

Martha Leishman is a Master Practitioner for Working for Wholeness and a top level Trainer. She also delivers Transformational Communication Programmes at a micro and macro level to a wide range of corporate and government organisations.  Martha also trains Customer Service agents and advisor in a variety of skills and abilities to increase productivity and standardise the customer experience.

Martha has worked closely with Seth Gardner and the team at the development stages of the Working for Wholeness programmes to ensure uniform standards of quality delivery.

Martha is an award-winning actor with over 20 years of professional experience and has many credits in film, television, commercials and narrative voice-over.