Styles of Being

We are all radically different people and no ‘one size fits all’ programme is helpful. We all have our own ‘Styles of Being’.

Working for Wholeness is a universal and flexible programme that ensures that all personality types can find deep and rewarding transformation.

working for wholeness personality types

Many of us are ‘high reactive’ types and we can easily find ourselves over stimulated and stressed in a number of work and social situations. High reactive types are generally the deep thinkers, the problem solvers, the drivers of innovation and the backbone of successful companies.

Working for Wholeness provides simple and easy to use techniques that help us to continually adjust our interactivity levels to maintain our ‘sweet spot’, our relaxed and non-stressed state of being.

Our programmes do not demand intense team and workshop stressors for transformation and learning.  We provide techniques to gently and easily promote confidence.

We help ‘introverts’ become, lighter, more relaxed, upbeat and a breath of fresh air as well as help ‘extroverts’ relate more, go deeper with situations, relax and become able to confide and concede problems or challenges.