2:1 Breathing - Working for Wholeness

2:1 Breathing – Working for Wholeness

2:1 Breathing

To shift your physiological state from Agitated to Relaxed and Positive.

To activate Mindfulness and a Relaxed Focus

2:1 Breathing – Try to breath out for twice as long as you breath in for. We all have lungs of varying capacity so don’t worry if your breaths are short when you start.


Be seated or stand with your back straight and your body relaxed.

Breathe in gently allowing the tummy to expand.

Don’t hold your breath at the top or bottom. Simply allow the breath to pass.

Focus your attention on your breathing and the air passing through your nostrils.

Breathe from the diaphragm and allow the throat to become a complete passage for your breath.

Keep your mouth closed.

Eyes open and unfocussed – stare into the middle distance or close them if you feel safe to do so.

Try to: Breathe in gently and deeply for a Six Count

Breathe out slowly for at least an Eight to Ten Count